Visio is a platform for decentralized content aggregation (DCAP) with a focus on hardened security and ease of use. The platform is not under centralized control and as such its health is entirely dependent on a user-managed content moderation system. Furthermore, the process of content aggregation (where network users can register interest in specific content such as video or subtitle files) is coordinated by the users themselves. If multiple users are interested in the same content, they can link their requests and create a quote (priced in Visio tokens) which will increase their chances of finding a content creator to accept their offer. We think the decentralized structure and user-led management will be highly appealing to users of existing file sharing mechanisms.

Decentralized File Hosting

As is often the case, content contributors may not be able to host their content indefinitely, and one of the central features of Visio is its peer-to-peer storage system. Additionally, users with larger bandwidth and data storage capacities are incentivized to store user-generated aggregated content.

Decentralized Moderation

To prevent bad actors, we are developing a consensus moderation platform where malicious content can be flagged and removed once a consensus vote is reached within a specified time period.

Distribution of Gifts

Since a content contributor could be working as both an individual and a group, the Visio platform is ready to proportionally distribute any revenue obtained – the owner/group manager will have permissions to distribute revenue between members.

… and much more

The Visio Platform is under constant development. We are currently preparing Decentralized Bandwidth Incentivization, and other related functionality will follow on from that. Sharing is only the first phase of the platform – our goal is to deliver a a fully-featured and decentralized content management system. Upon completion of the alpha version and internal tests, the project will also be open sourced and available on our github repository.

“It's never too late to start something big.”

Visio Team