When Visio features are integrated together, the end result is:
• A decentralized network with little to no liability for both uploaders and end-users.
• An ad-free/spam-free network; due to absence of centralized server costs the platform does not require revenue income.
• An opportunity for content creation and subtitling teams to directly monetize on their labours (for the first time in the 15 year history of distributed video streaming).
• A content library which is aggregated on the basis of popular demand rather than the whim of the network owner, ensuring that the demands of the community are met.

Progress on these goals to date:
• Beta version of the intended platform integrated into a centralized website (www.visio.wtf)
• Ability for users to contribute hashes and subtitles directly (audio streams coming soon)
• Centralized file storage/hosting mechanism (https://vault.visio.wtf)

Coming soon: beta version of the content bounty platform; beta version of the moderation platform.