Great news with this month update. Some of you complain about little communication. Therefore we chose new colleague which will help us with commucation. @Arty wellcome on board!

He is not DEV but he has got very good communication skill. When will be Tech question he get answers from DEV. Arty is very good webdesigner and creative. From now he will take care of this Visio page. If you need Visio´s logos or something else write him.

Now will be paid Bounty from translations and roadmaps. This members will be rewarder not only for translation but also for waiting too. More @communityleadersroom. Next Bounty translations offers will be insert only on bounty.visio.wtf. It will be more faster and transaprent than slack.

Another great news is that we release basic bounty system. Lot of you can say that is not important or negligible. But for us is the Key part of relaziation Visio platform. Is not only webpage. Bounty system contains payment, check zone, admin, blockchain, etc. With this step we found answer for lot questions and technical problems which we had with blockchain communication.

We know that last time was hard for you. Our communication was not optimal but we need more energy to solve important things and focus on visio problems. Know we are back stronger and we can learn from previous mistakes.

We also have for you translations for Roadmap:

The other translations and extension Vault and Bounty will not be realized on existing serves. We don´t think that now is useful. We welcome error reports, Proposals for Improvements with translation too which will add in to the Vault / Bounty in Full platform solution which is waiting for release. Now we working on upgrading bip for better a more robust CMS.

Big problem which we had has speed up our development weeks ahead. Thanks to this, the community will have a pre-alpha platform in next few weeks. The platform will be one package that will contain a vault, bounty, payment, cms! Everything connected to the blockchain and visio coins on your Computer!

We’ll release more great news gradually. Let surprised!