The central concept of the Visio Platform is to establish a global database, synchronized via blockchain and offering access to data, functions, tokens, etc. through the distributed IPFS network.

There is no centralized database. Each VisioNode will run as a web server with its own IPFS gateway. This means that each user will be able to save their simple web to blockchain, restore it to each node, and provide data to anyone in the IPFS network via the built-in CMS.

The result will be a decentralized global database and a distributed network that delivers content through nodes without a central server. Each node can be used for different purposes with a different data subset. The entire system, including users, content, rights, will be managed by the community.

CMS will be able to work with groups as well. So the content owner can be a group. When a group receives a donation, it can be shared by the group owner/manager. This is just another of the many groundbreaking features of Visio platform, which make it an excellent choice for developing video, audio, files, etc.

Upon completion of the alpha version and internal tests, the project will be freely available in git.

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“It's never too late to start something big.”

Visio Team