June Update - Welcome Arty!

Great news with this month update. Some of you complain about little communication. Therefore we chose new colleague which will help us with commucation. @Arty wellcome on board! He is not DEV but he has got very good communication...


Why use the Visio Platform?

When Visio features are integrated together, the end result is: • A decentralized network with little to no liability for both uploaders and end-users. • An ad-free/spam-free network; due to absence of centralized server costs the platform does not require...


What is the Visio Platform?

The Visio platform is the world’s first fully decentralized content aggregation platform. To list some of its features, the Visio platform includes: • Immunity to actions of ISPs/external authorities, through the use of decentralized applications • Peer-to-peer streaming with...


“It's never too late to start something big.”

Visio Team